Practice & Prepare for the Spring Concert

on Thursday, 5/31/2018


Flute (Note Bb) , Flute (Note C) , Flute (Note D) , Flute (Note Eb) , Flute (Note F)

Saxophone (Low Note F#) , Saxophone (Low Note E)

Name Play Size Length
Warm Ups (Gallant March)

1.6 MB 1:08 min
Gallant March (Practice Tempo V)

2.3 MB 2:30 min
Gallant March (Practice Tempo IV)

2.1 MB 2:21 min
Gallant March (Practice Tempo III)

2 MB 2:12 min
Gallant March (Practice Tempo II)

1.9 MB 2:05 min
Gallant March (Practice Tempo I)

1.8 MB 1:59 min
Gallant March (Performance Tempo)

2.5 MB 1:53 min
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* Warm Ups (Gallant March) accompaniment track was produced by Joseph Krammer, using Mixcraft. *

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